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Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage is a healing art that roots back to the days of Gautama Buddha — about 2,500 years ago. Jivaka Kumara Bhaccha [who was the physician to Buddha] was the founder of this therapeutic massage.

Thai Yoga Massage ~ Holistic Alternatives Palm Harbor, FL

Rooted in Ayurvedic medicine, Thai bodywork, also called Thai massage or Thai yoga massage, combines stretching and body movements to loosen muscles, release tension and eliminate disease.

How does it work?

It is traditionally performed on the floor. You lie on a padded mat as the massage therapist uses a combination of acupressure, asanas, stretching, palming, thumbing and gentle twisting. This helps in ushering back the balance in the body and deepens the connection between mind, body and spirit – in the giver and receiver. No lotions or oils are applied, and you remain fully clothed for the session. There is constant body contact between the giver and receiver, but rather than rubbing on muscles, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked.

Enhanced Energy Flow

Thai yoga massage works off the belief that tightened muscles lead to the diminished flow of energy in your body. When energy can’t flow freely, you become inflexible, suffer pain and feel stiff. Overtime, this leads to shortened muscles and connective tissue that affects your posture, immunity and organ function – all of which speed up aging and disability.

This dynamic therapy offers many benefits:

  • Helps detoxify the body and boosts the immune system
  • Increases blood circulation and lowers blood pressure
  • Great for muscle relaxation, increases flexibility in muscles and increases mobility
  • Improves posture, balance, corrects body alignments and dissolves energy blocks
  • Helps tone the body, strengthens joints and fights diseases
  • Reduces and relieves stress and anxiety
  • Helps boost energy levels
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