Robert Lutz - Acupuncturist & Massage Therapist

Holistic Pain & Stress Relief Center In Huntington, NY

Allow us to unravel some of the mysteries that may be undermining your health!

Holistic Alternatives specializes in natural pain and stress relief by locating patterns of disharmony that are interfering in your ability to thrive. Commonly, various insults and injuries combine to work against you in achieving a happy, healthy, pain-free existence.

With the use of our knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we bring you a complete holistic wellness clinic right on here on Long Island.

Robert Lutz, L.Ac., LMT:

“I offer alternatives to harsh drugs & invasive procedures when practical & safe to do so. I believe in supporting the healing qualities & wisdom of your body. Clients receive quality care with uninterrupted attention for 60 minutes or longer per session.”

Holistic Alternatives treatments can be focused on 1 modality such as acupuncture, or can include a combination of the following:

Acupuncture in Huntington, NY


Enhance recuperative power and immunity, support physical and emotional health, and improve overall function and well-being.

cupping therapy LI


Remove harmful substances and toxins from the body and improve immunity with cupping therapy.

Massage Therapist Huntington, NY


Relieve mental / emotional / physical stress, anxiety, depression and more. Feel better than you've ever felt before.

AcuGraph scanning Long Island


Balance your Energy, Balance your Life. Receive a free AcuGraph scan with your first scheduled visit!

reiki LINY


If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression or just feel overwhelmed with your life, we would love to help you!

Ultimate L III Massage Chairs


Pay by the minute with our Ultimate L III Full Body Massage Chairs! 2 chairs to be used for however long you’d like!

Pain is not a normal condition!

It is the body’s method to get your attention that something isn’t right and needs your help, or the help of a knowledgeable, caring practitioner. When underlying disharmonies are addressed, pain is relieved and true healing begins.

Holistic Alternatives puts much emphasis in determining the cause of your pain so that it can be addressed properly once and for all.

We also simultaneously address the symptoms / manifestations that can bring significant measurable relief right away.

Holistic Alternatives goes “under the hood” and finds out exactly what’s going on to correct what’s ailing you.

We strive to give you the holistic pain and stress relief that you are looking for in the best way possible!

acupuncture for back pain