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Open House October 22, 2018

Join us for our next

Open House Palm Harbor, FL Holistic Alternatives

Free mini treatments, massage chairs, Hospitality, snacks, plus free gift & raffle!

Come and enjoy our free mini treatments and to learn more about each modality we offer:


Acupuncture in Palm Harbor, FL ~ Holistic Alternatives Open House

AcuGraph Scan

AcuGraph Scan ~ Holistic Alternatives Open House

Massage Chairs

Ultimate L III Massage Chairs

Trigger Point Therapy

Holistic Pain Relief Long Island, NY ~ Holistic Alternatives Open House


October 22, 2018
5PM- 9PM

Reserve Your Spot Now

Email Robert Lutz for more info. & to RSVP:

Holistic Pain & Stress Relief Center In Palm Harbor, FL

Holistic Alternatives Palm Harbor NY - Open House 10-22-18 Allow us to unravel some of the mysteries that may be undermining your health!

We specialize in natural pain and stress relief by locating patterns of disharmony that are interfering in your ability to thrive.

Holistic Alternatives does more than disconnect the “dummy light” on your vehicle’s “dashboard”. We go “under the hood” and find out exactly what’s going on to correct what’s ailing you.

We strive to give you the holistic pain relief that you are looking for in the best way possible!

October Chair Massage Special

30 minutes regularly $30, now $15!

Limited time through 10/31/18.

Pay By The Minute With Our Ultimate L III Massage Chairs!

Holistic Alternatives has 2 chairs to be used for however long you’d personally like.

Ultimate L III Massage Chair - Open House 10-22-18 The Ultimate L III Massage Chair really is the world’s best massage chair available today. It is a multi-purpose chair designed from the ground up to cover your entire body.

The Best Massage Chair Anywhere! Designed To Exceed Your Expectations! Total Satisfaction Guaranteed!

It can be used as a sitting chair, recliner, heating pad, music chair, stretching assistant, and massage chair.

It contains massage hands, airbags, heating pads, and foot rollers that can be individually controlled.


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