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Services for Natural Pain Relief Palm Harbor

“I offer alternatives to harsh drugs and invasive procedures when practical and safe to do so. I believe in supporting the healing qualities and wisdom of your body. Clients receive quality care with uninterrupted attention for 30-60 minutes or longer per treatment session.”
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Robert Lutz, L.Ac., LMT
Owner of Holistic Alternatives
Robert Lutz - Thai Yoga Massage Florida
Pain is not a normal condition!  It’s the body’s method of getting your attention that something isn’t right & needs your help or the help of a knowledgeable practitioner.

Holistic Alternatives puts much emphasis in determining the cause of your pain so that it can be addressed properly once and for all. When underlying disharmonies are addressed, pain can be relieved and true healing can begin.

All services are natural therapies that support your innate healing system without the use of harmful drugs!

Holistic Alternatives specializes in natural pain & stress relief by locating patterns of disharmony interfering in your ability to thrive.

Using the knowledge behind Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), healing is done holistically because it stimulates the body’s own mechanisms and takes into account all aspects of a patient’s life, rather than just several obvious signs or symptoms.

Holistic Alternatives’ treatment sessions can be focused on 1 modality such as acupuncture, or can include a combination of the following:

Acupuncture in Palm Harbor, FL


Enhance recuperative power and immunity, support physical & emotional health, and improve overall function & well-being with acupuncture in Suffolk County. There are TONS of benefits to this type of treatment.

AcuGraph scanning Long Island


The AcuGraph meridian imaging system is used to analyze & document the energetic status of acupuncture meridians on your hands & feet. Get a FREE scan with your 1st scheduled visit with an acupuncturist in Long Island!

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Remove harmful substances & improve immunity with cupping therapy in Palm Harbor, FL. Suction pulls toxins, pathogenic factors, blood poison, dead lymph & cellular debris from within tissues to the surface.

Massage Therapist Palm Harbor, FL


Relieve mental, emotional, physical stress, anxiety, depression & more. Feel better than you’ve ever felt with massage treatments for holistic pain relief. Massage is an effective technique for relieving many types of pain.

Natural Pain Relief Services in Palm Harbor

Natural Pain Relief Solutions for Sciatica

Sciatica is a general term for pain that radiates along the sciatic nerve, which is in the lower back. It’s a common condition affecting roughly 3 million people annually. In addition to pain, sciatica can cause numbness, tingling, weakness, or even a burning sensation in the affected area. It is not uncommon for individuals suffering from sciatica to catch their foot on the ground when walking.

Sciatica is a treatable condition. Treatments for sciatica pain relief include massage, acupuncture, and herbal therapy. Holistic Alternatives can provide all of these forms of therapy and can tailor a plan using any combination of the three to address your pain.

Electroacupuncture for Chronic Pain

Electroacupuncture can greatly decrease many types of pain, including but not limited to neuropathic, inflammatory, cancer-related & visceral pain. Electroacupuncture is especially useful for conditions in which there is an accumulation of Qi, such as chronic pain. This type of acupuncture can be used as a pain reliever for muscle spasms, neurological disorders & much more. There is evidence that electrical stimulation of acupressure points can activate the endorphin system. This can actually lower blood pressure & decrease the risk of heart disease. Electroacupuncture also relaxes muscles. Acupuncture coupled with electricity encourages the body to release neurotransmitters that act as natural painkillers. Because of this, electroacupuncture is becoming more common in the treatment of pain.

Benefits of Treating Pain with Acupuncture


The holistic practice of acupuncture is a safe and effective solution for relieving pain. Whether it’s chronic or temporary pain, acupuncture has proven effective time and time again at relieving pain.

  • No harmful side effects, such as those typically experienced by regular users of acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and aspirin.
  • Pain relief doesn’t diminish from long-term use of acupuncture.
  • Fast-acting, natural pain relief within a few minutes.
  • Strengthens the body’s immune system.
  • Safe, painless procedure that’s performed by a licensed acupuncturist.
Acupuncture essentially triggers the body’s own self-healing mechanism. The body responds by undergoing various biological changes. These changes generate the production of a natural anti-inflammatory & anti-pain chemical.
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Massage for Pain

The reason massage can override pain signals is because touch and pressure activate other sensory fibers that send signals to the brain even faster than the “Fast pain” nerve fibers. When the “gate” opens to allow touch and pressure sensation through, the pain signal is overridden.

In addition to sensory input, massage creates a relaxation response in the brain releasing endorphins—the body’s natural painkillers.

A Natural Approach to Treating Back Pain

An acupuncturist will not only work to relieve your symptoms, but will also work to find and treat the underlying cause of your pain.

acupuncture for back pain
natural pain relief for running

7 Ways Acupuncture Can Help With Running Injuries

When it comes to runners, things like sprains, strains, aches and pains are all too common. And they usually involve the ankles, knees or legs because those are the tools that runners use.

For most minor running injuries, some rest and heat or ice can be helpful. But occasionally there are issues that just don’t seem to go away and can impede a runner’s ability to train and get back on track. Things like plantar fasciitis, pateliofemoral syndrome (aka “runner’s knee”) and sciatica are all issues that may take more than just some rest to correct. This is where modalities like acupuncture can be very beneficial.

Natural Pain Relief from Migraines

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which includes acupuncture, herbal formulas, massage and cupping, is customizable to the individual and can do much more than just relieve pain.

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natural pain relief for headaches

Natural Pain Relief from Headaches

Acupuncture and TCM take a holistic, or whole-body approach to health. Your practitioner will take a detailed health history, and perform a physical exam to determine how and why your body’s vital energy, or Qi (pronounced chee), is out of balance and identify what type of headache you are experiencing. To determine the most effective care, s/he will focus on illuminating the root cause(s) of the problem.

It is important to remember that acupuncture is not a quick fix. Changes may occur quickly or over a longer period of time, depending upon your overall constitution and health. Whether it is one visit to address an acute problem, or several visits to address a chronic problem, it is suggested to closely follow care recommendations of your acupuncturist to maximize your healing potential.

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