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Jumpstart Your Meditation Practice

4 Week Meditation Workshop

4 Week Meditation Workshop

MAY 16 – JUNE 6

Wednesdays, 7-8:30 PM


With Spring finally fully in gear, it’s a great time to tune-up your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Here at Holistic Alternatives, we’re grateful to have a wide variety of modalities to promote health holistically!

This month, Robert is encouraging all patients to reach out to us if you have any specific physical concerns that you may have been putting off addressing through the winter. Be it massage, acupuncture, or the right combination of supplements, Holistic Alternatives can help accelerate healing.

In addition, we’re proud to be introducing some new events here at Holistic Alternatives all designed to help you cultivate a balanced, healthier lifestyle.

For May, we’ll be hosting a series of meditation workshops specifically crafted to reduce stress, anxiety, and deal with very specific life issues or challenges we all face.

Come check it out and learn more. The first 10 people to join us will receive a certificate for 15 minutes of free massage chair therapy!


4 Week Meditation Workshop:

$90 for the 4 week series or $25 drop-in.

Holistic Alternatives 380 Park Avenue Palm Harbor, FL 11743

RSVP: text (631) 229-7460 or email


Meditation for Anxiety and Stress Free Living

You’ve likely heard about the benefits of meditation, but did you know:

Meditation is one of the oldest tools available for improving focus and reducing “busy-mind chatter”.

Do you have brain fog, difficulty controlling your thoughts or those stories running in your head?

In clinical studies, meditation has:

  • produced more favorable cardiac risk profiles and lowered blood pressure
  • reduced mood disturbances and stress symptoms in cancer patients
  • reduced anxiety and recurring depression

More importantly, meditation gives you:

The ability to directly experience yourself as you really are without any distractions from the mind!


4 Week Meditation WorkshopGratitude Speaks and Heals Others

We’re so grateful for all the great results you tell us about!

Send us any one of your stories or refer a friend and we’ll thank you with a 10% discount off your next service.

Email your story or referral to


Massage Series SpecialMassage Therapist Palm Harbor, FL

Sign up and pay for 10 massages in advance and receive 1 free!
Email us at to purchase.

Massage for Pain Relief, Stress Reduction, Anxiety & Depression

Massage is a very effective technique for relieving pain. Massage can help with many things. Click here for a list of conditions we can effectively treat.


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